Portrait of the
Guardian Inspector ISTJ


Inspectors are characterized by decisiveness in practical affairs. They are the guardians of institutions, and can best be described as being steadfast, dedicated, and consistent. They can be counted on to follow through—to get the job done in a precise and thorough manner. Inspectors are rock solid dependable—responsible and trustworthy—standing as honorable men and women of great character. In all matters, their highest commitment is to be diligent in keeping their duties.


A promise made is a promise kept. For Inspectors, they naturally communicate a message of trustworthiness and stability, which can make them successful in business and in many other affairs. Their words tend to be simple and down home, not showy or high-flown. More often than not, they are conservative and modest. Their home and work environments are kept neat, orderly, and simple. "What you see, is what you get" with these straightforward individuals.


Inspectors are likely to be involved in community service organizations that transmit traditional values. Whether it is donating their time or their financial resources, they invest for future returns that benefit society. They understand and appreciate the contributions these institutions make in preserving cultural values, and national pride. At work, Inspectors are patient with their job and with established institutional procedures.


Inspectors are careful examiners, always attentive in their scrutinizing. They must ensure that all is certified as right and proper. They pay close attention to the details, so that no irregularities or discrepancies are permitted. When it comes to the due diligence required, they do not cut corners or take any shortcuts—nothing escapes their inspecting eyes. When they uncover errors or inconsistencies, they are eager to bring about correction, and are not afraid to confront those who have missed the mark.


Inspectors quietly see to it that uniform quality of product is maintained, and that those around them uphold certain standards of attitude and conduct. They are most comfortable when people know their duties, follow the guidelines, and operate within the rules. Rules are there to be followed, they say, not meant to be worked around for any reason. Inspectors will see to it that goods are examined and schedules are kept, that resources will be up to standard and delivered when and where they are supposed to be.


Inspectors are firm and consistent; they make the rules of the game clear and expect them to be followed. They do not tolerate rebelliousness, nonconformity, and waywardness. When there is work to be done, there is no time for fun and games—play must be earned through hard work. "Better safe than sorry" is their motto, and they would rather err on the side of being redundant than leaving a procedure up to chances. In all circumstances, Inspectors seek to do what is right, fitting, and appropriate.

A Collection of
Guardian Inspectors

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Warren Buffet
  • Queen Victoria
  • Harry Truman
  • Andrea Mitchell
  • John D. Rockefeller
  • Barbara Jordan
  • Thurgood Marshall
  • Katherine Graham
  • Roy Disney