Keirsey Report Certified Registered Retail  
icon Leadership $52.46 $69.95 $99.95
icon Workplace $26.21 $34.95 $44.95
icon Teams Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
icon Selling & Buying $26.21 $34.95 $44.95
icon Romance $18.71 $24.95 $34.95
icon Sex $--- Coming soon $---
icon Marketing $--- Coming soon $---
icon Learning $13.46 $17.95 $24.95
icon Careers $22.46 $29.95 $37.95
icon Organizational DNA Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
icon Paper & Pencil Contact Us Contact Us $34.95

You can utilize the Keirsey Assessment in one of three ways: 


If you are an individual seeking to take the Keirsey Assessment, you can take it on our general public website and purchase a Keirsey report at our retail rates;


If you are seeking to administer the Keirsey Assessment to others, you can become a Registered Administrator, to purchase Keirsey reports at the Registered Administrator rates;


You can also become a Certified Partner by enrolling in our Temperament Certification program, and purchase Keirsey reports at the Certified Partner rates. 

For pricing on the following, please contact us.

Administrator Account
Signature Workshops
Coaching Engagements
Leader's Journey Certification