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Personality Test


“I believe the information from the test and session has been beneficial in me understanding traits about others in this company. I’m in a minority group for [my company] and having that perspective is already proving to be valuable. I would definitely recommend this to others. Unlike many other topics covered in leadership classes this topic is both relevant to the masses as well as helpful and functional in many different areas of life (personal/professional relationships). Not many leadership type topics can say that (accurately). At the risk of sounding redundant I truly believe this session was much more relevant to all parties involved. Usually you find a segment who really receives a benefit whereas this topic finds its home with everyone from a CEO to a first year / first job new professional. I’d most assuredly rate this one as the best of the five we’ve had and I feel sorry for the group/presenter next year.”


“By knowing what makes people act and think differently and by learning that all these aspects are legitimate, it provides some basis for appealing to individual’s styles and reactions when engaging them. This year’s conference dealt more with personal relationship affecting topics instead of business topics. The sessions this year were very useful to me due to my current role in [my company] and my department.”


“Knowing what to look for in different personalities helps me tailor my reactions and work in different ways for different people, enabling me to work more effectively with others. This was my first leadership conference, and I really enjoyed the presentation. I would recommend this to others. I would tell them how it brings a new light on interacting with others and can help them have more efficient relationships.”


“Even prior to the conference, we spent a great deal of time discussing our 'personalities'. I think we've gotten closer as a group. Sharing our temperament sorter results with each other has enabled us to appreciate and understand each other's skills and how we interact with one another. We also seem to communicate better now that we know different personalities within our group prefer different types of feedback. Many of the points brought up during the conference regarding my personality type really struck a chord with me. In fact, the speaker's description of my type were stated in words that I had heard on numerous occasions in many of the personal relationships I have had and still have. It's made me (hopefully) better at seeing why I (and my acquaintances) am prone to behave a certain way and how I can more effectively interact with those close to me. It was very enlightening for me to hear these same words describing me as they came out of the speaker's mouth. I would recommend [Keirsey] helped me to understand why I'm good at certain skills (and not others) and why I behave or communicate the way I do. It also helped me to appreciate why others behave and communicate so differently from me. This I think will help improve my relationships both at home and at work.”


“I find myself looking to communicate with each person by listening more carefully to their comments and how they react to situations. I am trying to have longer conversations with my kids so we can exchange information. I am trying to understand their point of view... In comparison to other conferences I have attended in the past this was very informative, entertaining, and very usable away from the conference. In a lot of lectures and seminars things make sense while you are at the conference, but it is hard to take the concepts and apply them. These were ideas and information you can use every day. I would definitely recommend your services. This is a great presentation that engages the audience without being invasive, and gives real world answers to issues we face every day, both in and outside of our work environment.”

“I have a better understanding of how I can better interact with those that I work with and why. I have more patience and understanding for our differences. This session was one of the best sessions we have had. I believe that the entire audience was able to find key takeaways from the material that will be long lasting The information provided was very eye opening and relevant.”

“Understanding the differences in temperaments between co-workers has helped explain why and how they respond to different situations or circumstances. It also has caused me to pause and think how to better relate or understand where someone is coming from and maybe take a different approach with co-workers or supervisors. I quite enjoyed this leadership conference because everyone could personally relate to the subject matter and it was very interesting. Everyone I spoke with at the leadership conference seemed excited to discuss what temperament they were and trying to guess what co-workers might be. The conference encouraged me to want to discover so much that I read the book as quickly as I could. The speaker kept the sessions interesting and used his own personal situations to help explain the subject matter. I would absolutely recommend this to others. I would tell them how beneficial it would be to any organization and individuals personally to look within themselves and discover things they may not ever thought of and learn how to relate to others. ”

“Co-workers talk about it more... I would definitely recommend [Keirsey] to others. I would say it was an eye-opening experience that allows you to look at yourself first, and then see others in a more understanding way. This was by far better than the last 3 Conferences I have attended.”

“It has helped me have a better understanding of the differences among people. It gives me an appreciation of what makes people tick and what they need to satisfy their inner self. It reinforced that different people are motivated by different stimuli. I believe it will help me in my relationships with everyone I come in contact with both at work and away from the office. To me this conference was more personal than the others I've attended have been... rather than learning tips on how to improve myself, this conference was about discovering what makes us tick. Previous conferences have worked on us from the outside, this one approached us from the inside. The experience is very revealing, rewarding and uplifting. The conference gave me a tool or resource that I won’t just use for a while and then forget about it. It gave me something that will stick with me forever.”

“It has given me a clearer picture of aspects of my personality that could be strengths or weaknesses. I can take those and build my weaknesses to an adequate level while really working to improve my strengths. It helped me to identify that some of my personality traits were hurting my interpersonal relationships, and how I can address those. I walked away with something actionable immediately. Other conferences have presented great concepts; this conference went beyond concepts to things I could act on. I felt more empowered toward self-improvement after this particular conference. I would recommend [Keirsey] to others. I would tell [others] to prepare their teams to have deep discussions of interpersonal relationships, how people think, and why we react to each other the way we do.”

“It has helped give me some insight into certain behaviors and reasons why people respond or don't respond in different ways. It has also helped in understanding the reasoning behind a specific approach to a project or task, such as a strategic vs. a tactical approach. I really enjoyed this year's conference as it was not only entertaining but also gave me a personal experience by understanding my own personality and how best I can deal with others. I would rate this year's conference very highly compared to other years. While each one has been different they have each brought a better understanding of a specific leadership quality. What stands out to me about this year is that it was a much more personal experience and really started some good engaging conversations. I believe more people could relate to this conference over previous years. I would recommend your services to others as it not only provides good insight into personal behavior but also behavior with others not only at work but in your personal life as well.”

“I think more than even knowing how to approach coworkers for assistance or information, I have learned how my personality affects the way I work and get things done. I would certainly recommend this to others. It was fun, exciting, thought-provoking, and insightful. I learned a lot about me that I didn't know and hadn't really considered before. Sure I knew everyone was different, but I didn't realize that basic types prevailed and could be used to interact better.”

“It has broadened my appreciation of the different ways to approach people and how you should approach different personalities in different ways. This was very eye opening. I would recommend for both business and personal enrichment.”


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