Personality Test
George Washington - Guardian Supervisor (ESTJ) Mother Teresa - Guardian Protector (ISFJ) Albert Einstein - Rational Architect (INTP) Margaret Thatcher - Rational Fieldmarshal (ENTJ) Mikhail Gorbachev - Idealist Teacher (ENFJ) Eleanor Roosevelt - Idealist Counselor (INFJ) Elvis Presley - Artisan Performer (ESFP) Jacqueline Onasis - Artisan Composer (ISFP) Dolley Madison - Guardian Provider (ESFJ) Queen Victoria - Guardian Inspector (ISTJ) Walt Disney - Rational Inventor (ENTP) Dwight David Eisenhower - Rational Mastermind (INTJ) Thomas Paine - Idealist Champion (ENFP) Princess Diana - Idealist Healer (INFP) Charles Lindberg - Artisan Crafter (ISTP) George S. Patton - Artisan Promoter (ESTP)
Personality Test

There have been forty-one Presidents of the United States, half doing what was sanctioned by law, the rest doing whatever would get the job done, with or without legal authority.
Some rose nobly to the demands of the office, some merely occupied it, while a few were crushed by it.

But all of them, whether they graced or disgraced the presidency, acted according to their temperament.

New! An update to Presidential Temperament.

Now available with each copy of Presidential Temperament is a report Bill and Hillary Clinton.

  • The Idealist Eleanor Roosevelt had a softening and gentling effect on her Artisan husband, Franklin."
  • The Guardian Nancy Reagan helped to stabilize the sometimes perilous political movements of her Artisan husband, Ronald.
  • The Artisan Jackie Kennedy made a perfect artistic complement for her Artisan husband, Jack".
  • The Rational Hillary Clinton brought strategic intelligence to her Artisan husband Bill’s political career."
    The report discusses how these two people of such different temperaments found each other, and how they have collaborated to create one of the most controversial presidential couples in American history.

Excerpts from Presidential Temperament

Presidential Temperment presents type portraits of ...

12 Artisan ("SP") Presidents, from Andy Jackson to Ronald Reagan
"Get action; do things... create, act, take a place wherever you are; get action." -- Teddy Roosevelt

20 Guardian ("SJ") Presidents, from George Washington to George Bush
"The buck stops here." -- Harry Truman

8 Rational ("NT") Presidents, from John Adams to Ike Eisenhower
"I have sworn... eternal hostility to every form of tryanny to the mind of man." -- Thomas Jefferson

No Idealist ("NF") Presidents! Instead, an analysis of the leadership style of Mahatma Gandhi and Eleanor Roosevelt.
"To me, the democratic system represents man's best and brightest hope of self-fulfillment... the one hope, perhaps, for the complete development of the whole man." -- Eleanor Roosevelt

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