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The Dating Scene
Vignette 7: Dantrell, an Artisan Promoter (ESTP)
By Dr. Lovegood

Dantrell is an Artisan Promoter, ESTP. Hes 28 years old and works as a service manager at a car dealership. He likes the challenge of satisfying each customer, and his dealership has a very high customer satisfaction rating. His line of work is volatile, so he tends to lose his job every couple of years but generally has few problems finding a new one since his track record is so good.

Dantrell wishes his love life was as satisfying as his job. Hes not really sure what the problem is. He treats women like queens, taking them to nice places, listening attentively, giving lavish gifts, and behaving respectfully. His girlfriends have all been good looking professional women. However, his relationships tend to follow a similar pattern. First the women are amazed and wowed by his treatment of them. They are very appreciative of his good manners and love his upbeat attitude.

After a while, they are no longer surprised by his treatment and start expecting it. They begin to hint at wanting even bigger gifts. Hell usually oblige, but he begins to feel resentful. Although hes very generous and listens to their problems, he doesnt get the same in return from them. If he loses his job or something bad happens, they dont usually offer to pay for anything, and they often express irritation at having to listen to his troubles. Theyll ask, "What happened to the nothing-can-keep-me-down guy?"

At this point, the girlfriend may leave because she cant get anything more out of him or hell dump her because hes so disgusted with her mercenary behavior. Hes been wondering if all women are blood sucking leeches.

After thinking about what has been happening, Dantrell is starting to realize that he has been subconsciously trying to buy a girlfriend. Its a big boost to his ego to be able to act like money is no object and to be the uber-boyfriend. He has started off relationships denying that he ever has problems, just interesting challenges. He acts like hes got it all together, so the women are surprised when he suddenly doesnt.

With this in mind, Dantrell has decided to approach dating differently. He has begun to take women to nice but less expensive places and has decided to wait before giving any pricey gifts. Hes still well-mannered, respectful, and a good listener. Another change is that hes decided to be more open about challenges he has. Hes not comfortable with feeling vulnerable, so he usually talks about them in a joking way. Hes already noticed one change. Conversations are going to a deeper level. His dates seem more interested in him since they arent being distracted by the show hes been putting on.

What advice do you have for Dantrell? Do you know or are you an Artisan Promoter and can you give information about how other Promoters have dealt with the dating game?


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The Dating Scene
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