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The Dating Scene
Vignette 1: Rachel, a Guardian Supervisor (ESTJ)
By Dr. Lovegood

Rachel is a Guardian Supervisor, ESTJ. She is 33 years old. Her biological clock is getting louder and louder. She feels almost desperate for a partner and children. She vacillates between excessively high standards and a willingness to take the next breathing available man.

Rachel is the principal of an elementary school. When she took over at her school, the school was a mess. The staff workroom was often missing materials, IEP (Individualized Education Program) deadlines were being missed, and children were finding ways to get off campus at lunch time and so on. Rachel restocked the workroom and created an order board where any teacher could put what they'd like to have. She created a master calendar for all students with special needs to make sure that they all got what they had been promised. She tightened security at the campus so no students would end up leaving campus and getting hurt. Not surprisingly, as a result of her reforms, school test scores have been consistently going up a little each year.

Rachel would like to handle her love life in the same manner - identify the problem, devise a plan, carry it out, and voila! everything is solved. When she approaches her love life with the same kind of direct approach, men tend to take off running for the hills even though Rachel is generally considered to be beautiful and personable. Her single-minded intensity is scary.

After talking over her concerns with a couple of her closest friends who were willing to be honest with her, Rachel came up with a new plan. She realized she needed to get to know men as friends before even thinking about anything more. Of course, she still finds herself automatically assessing every man she meets, but she stops herself every time she realizes what she is doing.

There are several men in her school district that Rachel has become very casual friends with. For one reason or another, she has felt that they are all unsuitable as partners. However, she's decided to get to know them a little bit better just to practice not jumping down a man's throat. One of the men is a coach at the high school. She's always viewed him as being a typical jock, strong, but not too smart. He tends to be quiet and slow to give his opinion. She's discovering that he's actually reasonably intelligent as well as having a sly wicked sense of humor she appreciates. Rachel is starting to think that she may have been too quick to dismiss potential partners. She's beginning to relax a little now that she realizes her pool of men is larger than she had originally thought.

Do you know or are you a Guardian Supervisor and can you give information about how other Supervisors have dealt with the dating game?


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The Dating Scene
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