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(Get Back) That Lovin' Feelin'
By Dr. Lovegood

More songs and possibly more poems have been written about love than any other topic. Happy-in-love songs are usually pretty sappy while crossed-in-love songs tend to seem more substantial and true to life. Here are some tips to help you become or continue to be happily, sappily in love. As I wrote in R-E-S-P-E-C-T, many of these tips will work equally well for men of the same temperament.

How Guardian women want to be shown love:

  • Guardians generally work very hard to keep the family going. Recognize that by spoiling them with bubble baths, time alone, back rubs, small gifts, and the like
  • Comment positively on new hairstyles, new clothing, weight lost/gained, effects of working out, and the like
  • Praise for good household and money management
  • Run interference for them with people or situations they find especially stressful
  • They want to be seen as physically desirable

How Artisan women want to be shown love:

  • Physical pampering including back rubs, brushing hair, putting lotion on, and sometimes more active games, such as can't catch me or wrestling
  • Comment positively on their elegance of motion and physical conditioning, along with hair and clothes
  • Praise for positive thinking and playful spirit
  • Provide structure in areas where they are weak without making a jail
  • They want to be seen as physically irresistible

How Rational women want to be shown love:

  • Listen to their ideas and offer suggestions which say that their ideas are worth pursuing
  • Allow them to handle things without interference or second-guessing
  • Praise for incisive and radical thinking
  • Take care of things in the sensing world for them, such as housework, car maintenance, and repairs
  • They want to be seen as having an irresistibly beautiful mind

How Idealist women want to be shown love:

  • Listen to them without trying to solve problems. Periodically summarize, synthesize, and restate so it is clear you are listening intelligently
  • Express your belief that they can come up with good answers to problems but be prepared to provide shelter when the fallout gets unbearable
  • Praise for their insights into people and their ability to help people
  • Protect them from emotional devastation
  • They want to be seen as having an irresistibly beautiful soul


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