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By Dr. Lovegood

All people want respect, but men seem to crave it more than women. All people want love, but women tend to find it more critical than men. For there to be a successful relationship, both partners need to give each other respect and love. In this article and the next one, I'm going to look at showing respect to men and love to women. However, women want to be respected for the same things their male counterparts want respect for, and men want to be shown love in some of the same ways their female counterparts do. So both articles are useful for showing love and respect to both sexes.

Generally speaking, men want to be seen as providers and protectors. They want to be seen as taking good care of their families and as strong and able to protect their families from any evil. However, they focus on different areas depending upon their temperaments. This is a guide to offering respect in a way which is meaningful to your partner.

Guardian men hope to be respected for:

  • Providing for their families on a financial level as well as fixing things and arranging for maintenance to keep things working
  • Prudent planning for housing, career, investments, and retirement
  • Being a valued member of a religious group, club, or social organization
  • Remembering important days
  • Keeping things organized and running smoothly
  • Protecting their partners and children from evil company and influences

Artisan men need to be respected for:

  • Providing romantic gestures, fancy gifts, and dinners together
  • Their bodies - how they've made well-toned physical machines of themselves
  • Their prowess in sports, strength, and, most importantly, the bedroom
  • Courage and bravery with the long shot that paid off
  • Their ability and willingness to adapt to almost any need or circumstance
  • Protecting their families in the face of evil people and circumstances

Rational men want to be respected for:

  • Providing freedom and treating their mates as rational adults
  • Their expertise in their field(s) of interest
  • Their ability to see long-term implications others can't and to respond to avoid negative consequences
  • Their ability to deal with things in a logical, rational manner without being swayed by inappropriate emotion
  • Their deep thinking and ability to analyze things from all angles
  • Protecting their families from evil systems of thought

Idealist men value being respected for:

  • Providing a safe emotional environment for their families
  • Their passion and compassion
  • Their insights into others' behavior and thinking
  • Spending time with their families to maintain everyone's positive attachment to everyone else
  • Having a clear view of who they are, their purpose in life, and their progress towards fulfilling that purpose
  • Protecting their families from evil spiritual influences


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