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Parenting and Temperament
Guardian Parents
By Dr. Lovegood

Guardian parents are favorite punching bags. That's in part because there are so many of them, so they are more likely to be your parent or your mate's or best friend's parent. Also, Guardians have a tendency to believe that they are right, which no amount of discussion can change. Not all Guardians are like this, and some actually do change once they learn about personality types, but there are an awful lot of self-righteous Guardians out there. That self-righteousness can wreak havoc on a tender Idealist's mental state, engender hatred from Rationals, and rebellion from Artisans.

However, when Guardians are 'enlightened' or when they have a partner who compensates well, they are fantastic parents. Mature parents of all types understand that people are supposed to be different and raise their children according to the nature of each child. Mature Guardians provide a stable home environment which is a safe haven for their children. They offer reasonable structure which many children desperately need. Traditions, rituals, and family habits help the family members connect with each other. A person fortunate enough to be brought up in a mature Guardian's home generally has a strong sense of their place in society, a lot of self-discipline and industry, and a loving family which provides a sense of belonging.

Some of the potential problems for Guardian parents include micromanaging and vicarious living. Guardians sometimes find it difficult to back off and let their children learn from their own mistakes. They want to fix everything the child does to make it perfect. Also, even when Guardians realize that other people are supposed to be different from them, they may still want to live out their unrealized dreams through their children.

Here are some tips on how to communicate effectively with your Guardian parent. First, don't try to undercut their beliefs since that will just make them more stubborn. Show respect and humility and apology as is appropriate. A rebellious attitude is a sure-fire way to get them to dig in their heels. Respect the fact that they have been on the earth longer than you have and have seen lots of things you haven't. Attitude speaks much more loudly than your words.

Generally speaking with most parents, you will need to expect to spend more time listening than talking. This shows respect for them. You can cut deals with Guardian parents, but there are two caveats. One is that you will never live it down if you don't hold up your end, no matter what the reason. The second is that deals are much easier to make if you do or at least start your part first. When asking for something, explain how that will make you a better person, citizen, or student. Be practical.


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