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My Funny Valentine
By Dr. Lovegood

Sit up and take notice if you are the type to end up in the dog house because you failed to notice that the entire world is radiating hearts and kisses. Valentine's Day causes a lot of anxiety as people try to figure out what to do for their valentines. Here are some ideas to not only keep you out of the dog house but to make your valentine happy and sure that he/she has the best valentine ever. Almost any of these ideas can be used successfully on a person of any temperament, but I've broken them up by who is most likely to appreciate them.

GUARDIANS If your valentine is a Guardian, it is extremely important that you do something for them and/or give them something. People who are in love are supposed to show that love on culturally recognized days. It is impossible to explain that you forgot, were too busy, or didn't have any money. Fortunately, you don't have to be very creative. Guardians appreciate traditional remembrances including flowers, candy, hot lingerie, a candlelit dinner, cards, jewelry, and the like. You can set up a couple tradition that every Valentine's Day you give your valentine the latest specialty figurine they're collecting. That way you will not have to worry about coming up with something.

ARTISANS If your valentine is an Artisan, you can give them any of the traditional Guardian things or create an experience or go for a grand expensive gesture. A sample experience could include hiking to a private place and sharing some wine and other things. Artisans often enjoy somewhat risqué things, such as body sauce and edible underwear. Or you could create a trail of small gifts with each gift containing a clue to help them find the next gift. Another fun thing to do is wrap something very small in a series of progressively larger wrapped boxes. Your valentine will be likely to enjoy the fun of wondering when they'll finally get to the gift and what it is.

RATIONALS Rational valentines are often the easiest to please. Many Rationals dislike being 'forced' by tradition to demonstrate love and will have no problem if both of you decide to give it a miss. It is not uncommon for Rationals to be completely unaware that Valentine's Day is even approaching. If you want something from them, you will need to be very direct in telling them what you expect if they don't want to be sleeping on the couch for a month. Generally speaking, they appreciate a gift of their favorite food or a nice dinner out.

IDEALISTS If your valentine is an Idealist, you are likely to need to do a lot of work. Most Idealists are very romantic and enjoy the romantic feel of Valentine's Day. While traditional gifts can keep you out of the dog house, you will need to be a bit more creative to really capture their loving feelings. Idealists often like things specially made for them, such as a hand made card, decorated clothing (children's handprints), and some of the ideas from the Artisan suggestions. Another thing that is often a big hit is a coupon book. The coupons can be for things like a back rub, doing the dishes, movie night, and so on. The cornier the coupons are, the better ("One coupon for a 15 minute back (and maybe lower ;-)) rub from your devoted slave").


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