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Care and Feeding of a Mate
A 4 Part Series
By Dr. Lovegood

Romance tends to start off with a bang. We've got all kinds of love hormones coursing through our veins which create one of the biggest highs possible. These hormones last for about one year (or less). After that, the romance is generally over unless the two people have been building a relationship. Romance is easy, but relationship is hard. Even though he/she seemed perfect (or close enough) at the beginning, you eventually discover that your partner has a number of flaws which are really annoying. Rather than pitch your lover and start over, consider these tips on maintaining relationships. Love needs to be actively nourished or it will fade away.

Part 1: Guardian Mates
Guardian men are often very traditional in terms of gender roles. They tend to be happiest when they do most of the wage earning and their partner does most of the home making. While most are sensible enough not to... Click here for article

Part 2: Artisan Mates
Artisan women like to spice up their relationships by playing different roles and games. They often enjoy being a sexual tease to provoke interest in their mate. Artisans are the most likely to portray themselves as... Click here for article

Part 3: Idealist Mates
Like Rationals, Idealist men are often not intimidated by a woman with a lot of masculine characteristics. They are more likely than other men to do things around the house. They go out of their way to serve their mate and the rest of their family. Although they appreciate... Click here for article

Part 4: Rational Mates
Rational women are often perfectly happy playing the hard-charging corporate player to their mate's more domestic lifestyle. Because women are socialized differently from men, Rational women are much more likely than their male counterparts to... Click here for article


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