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Men and Romance
Part 2: Artisan Men
By Dr. Lovegood

Without a doubt, Artisan lovers are the most exciting and least predictable. If you love spontaneity, adrenaline rushes, easy acceptance of differences, and sensual pleasures, then you probably are an Artisan lover or you'd like to have an Artisan lover.

Many Artisan lovers are skilled in the art of flirting and giving wonderful compliments. It is easy to feel prized and cherished by them. They generally love to play romantic games which add spice to the relationship. Giving extravagant gifts in extravagant ways is natural for many of them.

Marty, a Promoter (ESTP) Artisan, says that he used to be very popular with the ladies before he decided to settle down. One of his favorite things to do was go to a party, find a wallflower, and chat her up. Usually she would respond so well to his attention that the other guys would start complaining about how he always got the "good ones." When he decided to propose to his wife, he chose a unique method. He and a friend spelled out, "Will you marry me?" using colored rocks on an empty field. Then he took her on a hot air balloon ride. The wind cooperated, and she cried and said yes. She loves repeating this story.

James is a Composer (ISFP) Artisan. He's a quiet person with a wicked sense of humor. He has found that women tend to overlook him at first as a romantic partner. However, once they get to know him as a friend, they are often impressed with his kindness, sensitivity, and activism. Almost all of his girlfriends became close friends before they became his girlfriend. Even when the romance fades, the friendships remain.

Tyrone is the strong silent type. He's a Crafter (ISTP) Artisan. Unlike most other Artisans, Crafters are often uncomfortable with public demonstrations of love. He loves to tease his wife, and she has learned how to tease back. She used to wonder if he really loved her since he almost never said so and did few of the "romantic" things loving husbands are supposed to do. Then her friends told her how lucky she was to have a husband who was constantly making things for the kitchen and fixing household problems. She realized that seeing her needs and meeting them was his way of saying he loved her.

Max, a Performer (ESFP) Artisan, has always had lots of friends, both girls and guys. He's one of the stars on his school's football team. He has a regular set of groupies (all girls) who follow him around and sigh over him. Max is almost always kind to them although he's taken to finding back ways out to avoid them when possible. His girlfriend is jealous of them. He's having a hard time explaining that he's nice because he hates to be mean and not that he's interested in them.

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