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Women and Romance
Part 4: Rational Women
By Dr. Lovegood

Rational women tend to be late bloomers on the dating scene. They are sometimes unaware of or don't wish to follow cultural norms which dictate what is considered feminine. As they get older, men often appreciate their logic and general lack of emotional outbursts, along with the fact that Rational women tend to clearly state what they think and want.

Cammy is a Rational Fieldmarshal (ENTJ). In high school, she had lots of friends but few dates. In college, she found it easier to find dates. Her friends told her she was bossy and intimidating. It frustrated her that what worked well in her career wasn't good in romance. Then she met a man who actively pursued her. At first she wasn't interested because she thought he was a light weight. As she got to know him, she valued his ability to understand her thinking and bring out her sentimental side.

Pat is a Rational Mastermind (INTJ). In high school, she watched others flirt and felt a combination of envy and disgust. In college, Pat found some dates in her upper level classes and professional organizations. Now she has a steady boyfriend. They enjoy long technical and philosophical talks and cultural experiences. They have talked of marriage, but, at this point, they're too involved in their careers.

Mara is a Rational Architect (INTP). She had a steady boyfriend in high school. They broke up when he pushed for a further commitment and she realized he wasn't what she wanted long term. She has dated off and on since then and enjoys getting to know new people. She's had some serious boyfriends, but she hasn't found one she wants to keep yet. Her mother is worried that she'll never get married since Mara is already in her thirties and has no boyfriend. Mara figures it will happen when it happens.

Brianna is a Rational Inventor (ENTP). In high school, she had many friends, both guys and girls. She enjoyed dating when it happened but didn't worry when it didn't. In college, she was ready to play the field. She would scan it for interesting people. What she most liked was having conversations on all kinds of topics from the newest movie out to the existence of alternate universes. She likes men who are playful and who listen to her freewheeling ideas. While she is interested in someday getting married, she's in no particular hurry for love.

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