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Women and Romance
Part 2: Artisan Women
By Dr. Lovegood

"Girls just wanna have fun" is a great motto for Artisan women. They treat romance as they do the rest of their lives - an exciting titillating game. Flirting is a high art form for them as they encourage and discourage the opposite sex. When being wooed, they enjoy novelty, grand gestures, and spontaneity. They dislike the boring and predictable and fear getting in a rut. Artisan women tend to be sensual and enjoy giving and receiving physical affection.

Lillian, an Artisan Performer (ESFP), was popular in high school. She dated a lot of guys but eventually became tired of fending off unwanted sexual advances. She had a steady boyfriend for two years. When he admitted he wasn't sure if he loved her, she immediately ended the relationship. Now married with children, Lillian enjoys a rich and varied sex life which she initiates almost as often as he. She's very concerned about keeping up her looks and is disgusted because she's gained 30 pounds. Her husband, though, actually enjoys her curves.

Ashley, an Artisan Crafter (ISTP), is a quiet person but she had no trouble finding boyfriends. Her main problem was that she was attracted to "bad boys" who really were bad news. She began to concentrate on her studies and had several date-free years. She was beginning to wonder if she'd ever date again when she met her current boyfriend. He's calm and steady, but has a killer mentality when playing sports. She finds competing with him a real turn-on and appreciates that he also has long term goals.

Cassie is an Artisan Composer (ISFP). Her boyfriend was an exciting, unpredictable man who lived dangerously. She moved in with him and began caring for his four children. When he became abusive, she left and successfully sued for sole custody of their own baby. Even so, for a long time, she was still in love with him. Her new boyfriend is the exact opposite - dependable, respectable, and kind. She's not sure if she should marry him because she's afraid she'll get bored.

Brandy, an Artisan Promoter (ESTP), enjoyed keeping a bunch of guys on a string and playing them off each other. She deliberately cultivated a bad girl reputation by dressing provocatively and talking dirty. When she married, she put that persona aside, but soon her marriage became boring. She and her husband began volunteering to solicit donations for a charity. She acts as the pushy negotiator while her husband is the quiet closer. They have a lot of fun together, and she's fallen in love with him again.

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