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Complementary Pairings (Part 1)
Idealists & Rationals
By Dr. Lovegood

The most common type of pairing is the complementary type. Rationals and Idealists complement each other as do Guardians and Artisans. We'll look first at Rationals with Idealists and then Guardians with Artisans in the next article. Rationals and Idealists both live in the world of what might be. They're more likely to look for solutions to problems in how they think rather than what they do. Both are likely to enjoy long conversations about ideas, although Rationals prefer logical ideas and Idealists prefer people-oriented ideas.

Rationals are drawn to Idealists because they are good sounding boards for the Rational's ideas, and they readily express positive emotions. Idealists are drawn to Rationals because they are able to understand the Idealist's ideas and have excellent emotional control.

Jesse is a Rational Architect (INTP). He felt very awkward around women. He didn't know what to talk about and didn't like small talk anyway. In college, he met Aria, an Idealist Counselor (INFJ). He was amazed at how easy it was to talk to her. He didn't even have to think about it. She loved listening to his ideas, commenting on them, adding to them, and occasionally debating him on some of them. Love hit him like a thunderbolt.

Claudia is an Idealist Teacher (ENFJ) with very high expectations for love. She found herself rejecting many different men because they didn't live up to her ideal of the perfect soulmate. Then she met Jeff, a Rational Mastermind (INTJ). He loved listening to her dreams and aspirations. She knew she could trust him not to tell anyone else her secrets. Eventually, she did figure out he had flaws, but by that time, she was far gone.

Dr. Keirsey recommends Rational-Idealist pairings and suggests that the best combinations would be the 'opposite,' that is, ENTJ with INFP, ENTP with INFJ, INTJ with ENFP, and INTP with ENFJ. Each of these pairs has the 'N' in common, but nothing else. Anecdotal evidence appears to support his suggestions. If the couple has too much in common, they are likely to have some obvious weak areas. For example, a Rational Inventor (ENTP) with an Idealist Champion (ENFP) have only one letter different. This couple is likely to have lots of fun generating ideas and excitement but may have difficulty actually bringing ideas to fruition. Also, it is likely that neither one of them will be wild about housework or maintenance. Couples with a lot in common may find it easier to communicate but may also find it more difficult to get everything done.


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