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First Date?
Temperament Do's and Don'ts
By Dr. Lovegood

There are a lot of guides to dating out there, but few based on temperament. These hints can help you make the kind of impression you'd like to make on your first date. Hopefully you have a pretty good idea of your date's temperament. With that in mind, here are some tips.

If your date is an Artisan

  • relax and go with the flow
  • ask for stories about risks that paid off, sports, or any other exciting events
  • feel free to engage in some debating (less with Performers and Composers and more with Promoters and Crafters)
  • play to win if you're competing, but be a good winner and don't always win
  • express admiration for their gracefulness or daring
  • try to plan every single minute
  • try to impress them with esoteric theories and goals or your cautiousness

If your date is a Guardian:

  • plan ahead
  • ask about family and stories of past achievements
  • avoid excessive competition
  • be on time
  • express admiration for their dependability or common sense
  • try to shock them yet
  • forget to call (or whatever) when you said you would

If your date is a Rational:

  • avoid excess emotion
  • ask about their theories, thinking, and ideas
  • express yourself clearly and logically
  • engage in debate
  • express admiration for their incisive thinking
  • suggest that they are incompetent or foolish
  • become too mushy and sentimental

If your date is an Idealist:

  • whatever is romantic
  • ask them about their family and people they've helped
  • feel free to share some emotion
  • ask questions about what's important to them
  • express admiration for their caring and sympathy
  • get into an argument (debates can sometimes seem like arguments)
  • suggest that they are flaky or enabling

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